Deirdre McCleneghan’s art practice centres around her love of working on paper, and  her love of narrative. Paper as a material is inherently immediate, receptive, absorbent, and malleable, and lends itself to Deirdre’s highly intuitive approach to art making.
It is this way of image making that seamlessly melds her experimentation in her highly expressive interpretations of fairy tales, folk stories, and poetry. Currently, Deirdre is creating a sculptural fibre project that was created as part of a design competition, and influenced by her keen interest in story and object.

Deirdre McCleneghan was born in Galt Ontario (1964), and made Edmonton, Alberta her home with her family in the seventies. Deirdre felt as a “transplant” a bit out of place, and she discovered that her keen interest in drawing alleviated feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Deirdre completed her formal artist training at the University of Alberta (BFA 1987), and it was that she began her love affair with drawing the human body. It would become a lifelong extension of her practice and enhance her current practice.
In exploration of the body through her drawing practice, Deirdre McCleneghan develops playful yet forceful identities often using fashion and clothing.

For Deirdre, life drawing remains a critical part of her practice as an artist because it allows such close scrutiny of character revealed through the body in gesture, movement, and expression.


Harcourt House Annex

10211 112th Street

Edmonton, AB T5K1M7

Tel: 780-975-9002

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