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My current work shares elements of art and design that stem from the history of Surrealism. I’m both inspired and interested in a contemporary exploration of many themes early Surrealists explored in the areas of design, fashion, and identity. I am particularly in awe of the collaboration of Elsa Schiaperelli and Salvador Dali, a fusion of painter and designer.


Secondly, drawing is central to my practice: It is  the way I research visually what I approach, how I approach it, and the final outcome of projects. Drawing is reflective, responsive, and investigative, and I can’t imagine not using it with how I see the world around me, and my own internal vision.

I love stories, particularly fairy tales, gothic literature, and myth, and I often find myself reflecting these themes in aspects of my work. Of particular interest to me currently, are the works of feminist writer Angela Carter. I am especially intrigued by her sensual visual language in concise, stark, and  sometimes shocking tales. In her works such as the “The Snow Child”* ,  her descriptive and symbolic use of metaphor and symbol  is an inspiration for my visual practice.


Studio: 4 11340 120 street

Edmonton, Alberta

T5G 0W5

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